Di.et Plan

What is 15 Day Diet Plan?

As evident from its name, 15 Day Diet Plan may seem actually nothing more than a diet plan. However, after delving a little deeper into its components we found that it’s actually a scientifically proven and evidence-based diet for weight loss.

The diet plan has been created by a personal trainer and nutritionist in collaboration with Wolfson Berg Limited. It’s a US-based company that has been developing and supplying quality supplements and cosmetics for over 10 years now.

It’s a new age diet plan that helps you change your dietary habits and adopt a fresh lifestyle, thereby helping you transform your body for good, and create a figure you can finally feel confident about.

As is obvious, it promises results within a record 15 days’ time. During the 2 weeks of following this program, you’re promised a reduction in body weight and elimination of impurities like blemishes and cellulite, which are a direct result of being overweight. Relief from midday crashes; pains and aches are some of the positive side effects of 15 Day Diet.

How Does 15 Day Diet Plan Work?

15 Day Diet Plan carries out its task by taking a four-pronged approach towards weight loss. Not only are you provided with an introductory guide and a comprehensive diet plan, you are also taught how to work out and use supplements to continue losing weight and maintain the achieved results.

It comes with 5 detailed guides to help the users accomplish this task. Let’s go over these guides in some detail below:

Part One involves Introduction Guide which will teach you how to get the best weight loss results. It will help you to set the right weight-loss goals and make them a reality. You are going to get the passion necessary for self-encouragement and overcoming possible obstacles in your way of creating a body that you will love.

Part Two is a Diet Guide that introduces the foods you are highly recommended to consume during this diet program, as well as those you should avoid. This food guide is made to enable better metabolism, correct the take of calories for losing weight and ultimate health, and providing the consumption of proper micronutrients necessary to meet your goals. You will also learn about nine super foods which help to burn fat, specific meal plans, etc.

Part Three involves Workout Guide that will enable you to add a solid fitness routine to each of your days, increase your strength, enable you to burn fat in your body. You are expected to see the results quite soon.

Part Four is a Supplement Guide that will introduce you to the supplements which will give you best results. These supplements are meant to cleanse your body, provide you with the necessary proteins and help you maximize your physical performance to lose more weight.

Part Five involves a Maintenance Guide that teaches you how to maintain the shape you have created due to the 15 Day Di.et Plan. It will help you to avoid the things which can spoil the result, to make the right choices of food.

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Di.et Benefits


  • Potential to drop a dress size or even two
  • Reduction in body pains and aches
  • Reduction in, or even complete riddance from cellulite
  • Loss of up to 15 pounds of body fat within a time period of 15 days
  • Visible muscle definition in even the stubborn body areas like thighs and stomach
  • Anti-ageing effect, making you look 4-5 years younger than your age
  • Riddance from hunger pangs and midday crashes
  • Diet plan is meant for anyone, irrespective of his/her current body weight, fitness experience, age or body type
  • Easy to follow and easy to incorporate recipes
  • Easy to follow exercises
  • Works for vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians
  • Also available in Italian, German, Spanish and French languages
  • Comes with a comprehensive 75 days’ money back guarantee


  • You must follow plan EXACTLY as is to lose weight within the 15 day period
  • It is about balanced eating, so no overindulging on one food over another
  • Short-term goal programs are more strict than long-term ones
  • Not recommended for people with morbid obesity, or with a need to lose large amounts of weight
  • Users must be willing to diet and exercise

How Does This Program Stand out From Other Weight loss Programs?

These guides are excellent sources of information that can be consulted over and over as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is always good to understand how food works in our bodies. It is also essential to figure out the best way to exercise that is safe and effective.

The biggest issue with weight loss is our lack of understanding of how food and exercise operate in our bodies. We follow diets blindly not knowing what we are doing, or why.

Having these guides is almost like having a personal advisor for dieting leading you every step of the way, so it is worth having this information. These guides cannot be considered as part of a “diet,” but as part of a new lifestyle.

Final Verdict

Anyone who follows 15 Day Diet Plan to the book can expect to lose anywhere from 6 to 15 pounds of body weight (or 2 to 7 kg) over the 15 days’ time period.

Please note, the results may vary from person to person, as they depend on how well the program is followed. Some users may even be able to lose in the vicinity of 20 pounds (or 9 kg) from this diet.

Although the plan has been designed to guide the users through each and every step, it does require a certain degree of sacrifice and hard work to achieve such results. The users are free to continue following the diet plan after the expiry of 15 days, to achieve even better weight loss results. If you do continue after 15 days, trying to lose 20 pounds in a month should be a reasonable target.

What Do Customers Say?

The feedback has been very positive, with before and after results proving that it really works.

  • Mary of Cleveland says her friends were skeptical when she decided to try the 15 Day Diet Plan. But the plan worked and she lost 15 lbs. She says she’s very happy with the results as it’s given here confidence.
  • David of Quebec says he’s always had problems with his weight. Out of desperation he tried this diet and was impressed, having lost 10 lbs in 7 days.
  • Linda of Los Angeles says it was difficult to follow the diet for 15 days but she persevered. At the end of the diet she had gone down two dress sizes, and the guide provided a lot of motivation.
  • Jessy from the UK says she finds the diet plan very informative as it put her in the proper mindset to go on a diet.
  • Andrea from the US is very happy with the wide meal selection for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. She says she’ll recommend it to friends, pointing out the nutritional information is particularly good.
  • Barbara wrote in her review the 15 Day Diet Plan got her into sports, which helped her lose even more weight.
  • James from the United States says the plan really helped him choose what supplements to take.
  • Jennifer from the UK said she lost 15 lbs at the end of the diet, and now the maintenance guide helps her maintain her shape.

These are just some of the testimonials from those who have tried the Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan.  They come from all walks of life, but what they all share in common is their satisfaction with the product.

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